Interviews & Radio Shows

Lord Richard Buckley in conversation with Studs Terkel 1960

Oliver Trager Interviews:

“The Magic Hour” with Jeff Golick: Playlist from 9.18.15

Doug Schulkind’s “Give the Drummer Some” 10.18.02

“Taking Giant Steps” with Kirpal Gordon 10.26.13

“The Well” / The Inkwell: Authors & Artists with Michael Simmons 7.10.02

NPR “Morning Edition” Report by Jon Kalish 7.1.02

“Vaudevisuals” with Jim Moore Parts 1&2

“The Brian Lehrer Show” WNYC 10.20.05

Boston Globe 1.7.22

George Plimpton 5.3.91


Jerry Garcia 2.18.92


Larry Storch 6.18.91


David Amram 6.15.91


Orson Bean 4.19.91


Ken Kesey 7.25.91


Judith Malina 4.21.91


Robin Williams 7.14.92


Joan Baez 4.29.93


Wolfman Jack 2.6.95


John Hostetter Interprets Lord Buckley’s: “L.S.D.: First Trip”