“Dig Infinity!” Solo Show

Photo © -max- of nyc

Dig Infinity! is an immersive, hour and twenty minute solo show. It has been performed with live musical accompaniment at the Arts Slope Festival in Brooklyn in 2016, well-attended and received one-nighters at 118 Elliot in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2017; Dixon Place in Lower Manhattan and the Guthrie Center in western Massachusetts in 2018; La Solana in High Falls, New York, in 2019; Hudson Underground Gallery in Hudson, New York, in 2020. In 2019 a five performance California mini-tour visited San Francisco, Berkeley, Topanga Canyon, Joshua Tree and Morro Bay accompanied with opening sets and original music composed and performed by legendary Greenwich Village singer-songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, author and educator John Kruth.

Dig Infinity! transpires in a surreal jazz club where, on a midnight after his death, Lord Buckley spins out his life story while demonstrating his signature material. As Buckley holds forth, a dialogue with the audience is interspersed with flashbacks to various points in Lord Buckley’s life, the conversation shifts into a discussion about the importance of truth and art, a topic which includes a trip to the Dark Lands and a cameo by God as it becomes increasingly apparent that Lord Buckley is bargaining for his very soul.

Photo: Stephen Adler


118 Elliot, Brattleboro, Vt. 9.16.17

Derrik Jordan – Music/Maria Pugnetti – Lights. Video: Roland Boyden


Bindlestiff, Dixon Place NYC 12.7.15

Video © 2015 Jim R. Moore/Vaudevisuals.com



Bindlestiff, Dixon Place, NYC 12.7.15

Photographs © 2015 Jim R. Moore/Vaudevisuals.com


118 Elliot, Brattleboro, Vt. 9.16.17

Photos: Mary Jane Sarvis

Dixon Place, NYC April 12, 2018

Photo © -max- of nyc

Photo © -max- of nyc

Green Lotus, Morro Bay, California March 30, 2019 (with John Kruth)

Photos: Mark Schecter

San Francisco House Concert March 31, 2019 (with John Kruth)

Photos: Phil Clevenger

FurstWurld, Joshua Tree, Ca. April 5, 2019 (with John Kruth)

Photos: Bobby Furst

La Solana, High Falls, NY December 13, 2019 (with David Gonzalez, Erik Lawrence & Bram Kincheloe)

Photos: Juan Mobili

Hudson Underground Gallery 2.22.20 (with Rev. Frederick Jaeger)

Photos: Mark Collyer & Anthony Sherin

Collage by Griffin & Rebecca Wolf / Photo by Phil Clevenger